Pictured left: Group of Arikara brush-gatherers, circa 1908 from the Edward S. Curtis collection at the Library of Congress. There are as few as ten speakers or the Arikara language remaining, per a 2007 estimate.




There are always languages in crisis and always resources needed to help revitalize them. Our GoFundMe campaign is designed only for initial setup costs and will be replaced by PayPal as our means of online donation gathering. Donations will be allocated first to projects in need - either lacking funds, nearing completion or needing project initialization money unless a specific request to the contrary is made. Money may be spent on items such as recording equipment to document audio samples of a language, travel expenses to and from research locations, paying research associates and the like.

All fiscal information will be made transparent to donors except in cases where it may violate the privacy of involved parties (e.g., wages of associates, identities of anonymous donors, etc.).